​​​American Legion

Travis Post 76

Austin, TX - $1,000


40 & 8 Germany Club 



Grand du Ohio - $500


Grand du Missouri - $500


​Grand du Texas - $500


​Press Association of

La Societe (PALS) - $250


​Bexar County Voiture 542

Grand du TX &

American Legion

Alamo Post 2

San Antonio, TX - $300


American Legion

Knebel Post 83

Austin, TX - $250


Coryell County Voiture 266 Grand du Texas - $200


​Travis County Voiture 175

Grand du TX



El Paso County Voiture 605  Grand du TX



​Coastal Bend Area

Voiture 1134  Grand du TX



George & Annamarie Murphy - TX - $100

​Roger Folmar - TX - $100


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Knutson - TX - $50


Lowell & Polly Mix - TX




   Grand du Texas Continues Hurricane Harvey Relief

 Many jumped into action to provide assistance to victims of Hurricane Harvey whose devastation covered a large area of the Texas Gulf Coast and inland for many miles.  Thousands were in temporary shelters and many still remain in temporary housing while they rebuild.

In the spirit of La Societe, who has historically helps in areas forgotten by others – such as Carville Star, the Grand du Texas has selected the Aransas County Independent School District as the recipient of our Hurricane Harvey Relief.  We cannot help everyone and Grand du Texas decided to focus on a small area where we can make a significant difference with our donations. 

Suzanne Ransleben is Executive Director for the Aransas County ISD Education Foundation and reports “Rockport Fulton schools in Aransas County Texas were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Rockport and Fulton were ground zero, and our five campuses have catastrophic damage. Buildings are missing, supplies gone.” 

With millions needed to replace or repair critical structures destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Harvey the funds they are raising via the Rockport Schools Hurricane Fund “Fund Me” account stand at just over $90,000.  This is a place where anyone can donate and they have received donations from 500+ donors which includes other schools from within Texas. 

We have been in direct contact with officials from Aransas County ISD and identified specific areas where our donations can make a significant impact on many of the 3316 students enrolled from Pre-Kindergarten through High School. 

   Grand du Texas aims to help with the replacement of technology needs in the

       Aransas County Independent School District with a goal to raise $20,000.

Please send donations payable to Grand du Texas to our Grand Commissaire Intendant:

                                            Roger Folmar             
                                            4364 Loma Taurina Dr       OR     
                                            El Paso, TX  79934-3794               Via Credit Card or PayPal

A list of donors will be posted on the Grand du Texas website:

                                                                                                                       David J. Knutson
                                                                                                                      Publiciste, Grand du Texas

​​Grande Voiture du Texas



Donations from Grand du Texas for Youth Sports have assisted 3 of the 5 schools in the Aransas County ISD.  Items included:  dodgeballs, hula hoops, scoop ball, twist jump ropes, bean bag games, scrimmage vests, and flag football belts.   

​Items were delivered to the school and an informal presentation made by members of Coastal Bend Voiture 1134.  

​The schools were very grateful for the donations and immediately put the items to use!  

Many items we take for granted every day were lost and these items help make their days a little brighter!  

​​​                   David Knutson

​                   Grand Publiciste

La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux

The Society of Forty Men and Eight Horses

G R A N D E   V O I T U R E   D U   T E X A S

Thank You to all of our Donors.  Grand du Texas is less than 300 members at this time.  We are growing, but most Voiture Locales are small so any donation is greatly appreciated as well as donation from other organizations, individual members and those from the community who are helping us achieve this worthy goal!  

We are a 501(c)(19) charitable organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Thank You Again for your Generosity!