Promenades are held on ​the

2nd Friday of each month

at the V-1031 Chateau.

We also meet at the Chateau

at 10:00 am every Wednesday

to do work on various projects.  

See our newsletter or contact us 

for more information.



Volunteer for Bingo at the

Temple VA Hospital

We need volunteers as we put on

Bingo the last Friday of every month

at the VA Hospital in Temple, Texas.  

Please contact Correspondant Ray

if you are interested in donating

a few hours each month or

every other month.  



​​Grande Voiture du Texas

Top:  40 & 8 Birthday Ceremony at the Voiture 1031 Chateau.  Bottom:  Miscellaneous Photos

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The 2014 Grand Promenade was hosted by Voiture 1031.  Chef de Chemin de Fer Passe Jerry Brady installs

David Knutson as Chef de Gare / 2nd year and

Miriam Givens as Madam Presidente for the La Femmes.  

La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux

The Society of Forty Men and Eight Horses

G R A N D E   V O I T U R E   D U   T E X A S

Welcome to Bell County Voiture 1031

Chef de Gare:  George Murphy

Correspondant:  Donny Ray Crume